Dolphins CEO gives tour of aging Sun Life Stadium

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee gave the media a tour of Sun Life Stadium Friday to show how the aging park is in need of an upgrade, and why the Dolphins want public money for it.

Dee pointed out rust on the seats that retracted after Marlins games and missing chunks of concrete alongside steps.

"It's got about 12 coats of paint on it. And at some point it starts to break down," Dee said.

The Dolphins also want to re-purpose unused Marlins offices, locker rooms, dugouts, and old cafes.

Dee said about 40 percent of the upgrades would be to "unwind" the now-unused baseball elements still at Sun Life.

To modernize the stadium, the Dolphins would erect new lights to replace the ones that have been up since the stadium was built in 1987. The plan is also to add wider seats closer to the field and better video screens for spectators.

In 2007, former owner Wayne Huizenga paid about $250 million to renovate the stadium.

Dee said that wasn't enough.

"It was partially renovated in 2007 and we'll look at those areas. And by the way, some of those areas need to be addressed already again," he said.

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