Dolphins have coach; now they need QB

Will Manso speaks his mind

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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The long process of finding a new head coach is finally over for the Miami Dolphins.  That's the good news.  The bad news is the process of finding a new quarterback now continues.  If you thought the coaching search was long, just think how long the Fins have been searching for a star QB.  It began after the 1999 season when Dan Marino retired. 

The team has failed to draft a quarterback in the 1st round since Marino, and when they ventured into free agency or trades, the results were a mess.  The time is now for Miami to finally land the QB of the present and future.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross knows this.  He made that pretty clear on Saturday when Joe Philbin was introduced as the Fins new head coach.

"I'm looking for a franchise quarterback," Ross said. "That's the highest thing on our agenda."  That's clearly easier said than done, but at least Ross recognizes a new QB must be the priority.

Some of the potential options are obvious.  Packers back-up QB Matt Flynn is a free agent and has worked with Philbin.  Also, the Dolphins could be aggressive in the draft and try to move up and get one of the elite quarterback picks like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.  Miami could also have the interesting option of chasing Peyton Manning, if he gets released by the Colts.  His availability is based on that and also his health.  Either way, the Fins can't enter next season with Matt Moore as the starting QB without any real competition.  He could hold things down until a draft pick is ready, but he's not the long-term answer.

The answer is out there.  If Miami really wants to address this issue, like Ross claims, they must be aggressive.  It's time to stop trying to answer this problem with mid-round picks and free agents off the scrap heap.  Invest in a QB and let Philbin use his offensive knowledge to make this an explosive offense. 

In the end, that's the biggest issue for Miami this offseason.  Getting a coach was nice, but whether it's Joe Philbin or Regis Philbin, it won't matter much if Miami doesn't have a quarterback.

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