Fisher saga continues

Decision now likely coming Friday

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We thought today was the day Jeff Fisher would make up his mind.  Well, guess what?  It's not today.  Fisher is still mulling over his options on whether to take the head coaching job with the Dolphins or the Rams.  Simply put, it really does sound like he's torn.

I know many fans are getting a little frustrated with this waiting game, but honestly, it doesn't really matter that it's dragging on.  The Dolphins really want Fisher.  Owner Stephen Ross wants a proven coach, and quite frankly, Fisher is the only one on the market.  It's not like the team has to get ready for a game.  Yes, the draft is a few months away, but getting the right man for the job is much more important than draft research.

Meantime, we'll wait another day.  For those thinking the Fins should just bail and move on, that's silly.  You don't chase the person you really want and then just quit because they're having trouble deciding.  I'm sure Ross has a Plan B if Fisher takes the Rams job.  The team has interviewed close to a half-dozen candidates.  For now, he must be patient, and we should all do the same.

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