LeBron hates matchup question

Heat ready to face Bucks

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MIAMI - LeBron James does not like being asked if a team matches up well with the Heat.

LeBron was asked at shootaround Monday if Milwaukee is a bad matchup for the Heat.

He replied, "I really hate that question personally.  I hate when people say people matchup well with us.  We really don't think about it."

LeBron was pressed further with comments by a Bucks player that Milwaukee could be a tough test for Miami in the post-season.

LeBron's answer: "OK, if they feel that way, they have us in the first round."

The Heat star was also asked if Tuesday's game is a good preview for the playoffs.

LeBron said, "The preparation for a regular season and a playoff game is totally different.  They way you get into the film, the way you get into the books, the pros and cons players... As far as Game 1 Playoff matchup, it doesn't compare."

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