Miami Heat weigh in on pranks, bullying

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MIAMI - The Miami Heat weighed in on the Dolphins' player misconduct investigation Monday, where Richie Incognito was suspended after allegations that he reportedly bullied Jonathan Martin.

Shane Battier recalled watching teammates toss a rookie into the showers.

"Our veterans promptly placed him in a laundry bin and threw in the showers and threw ice on him, which is a little excessive," said Battier.

"We joke around with each other but they don't do a bunch of pranks. They've been in the league so long," Norris Cole said about his veteran teammates.

Head coach Erik Spoelstra said new players are taught how to conduct themselves as members of the organization.

"We try to get the right type of guys, but once we get the people in here, they understand that there's a discipline, there's a structure to how we do things," said Spoelstra.

Dwyane Wade added that pranks can be taken too far.

"I think it just depends on the individual to see how much a person can take," said Wade.

And, LeBron James said the incident forced him to think about his children.

"When I think of bullying, I think of it for my kids, my kids in grade school and when you're younger," said LeBron James. "I've never seen it to this level."

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