Miami Sports Pod - Do the Heat hit the panic button after blowout loss to Sixers?

Following the Heat's playoff-opening loss to the 76ers, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferrero wonder if it's time to hit the panic button already in this week's Miami Sports Pod.

1:00 Will talks about having dinner opposite one of the 76ers 

3:00 Will almost gets kicked off a roof in Philly during a live shot

3:45 “You can finish the live shot, just don’t fall In the pool”

5:00 What was the mood of the Heat at practice following Game 1

7:00 Which is a bigger concern Goran Dragic’s knee or Hassan Whiteside’s head?

9:00 Clay is concerned about the Heat’s effort in Game 1

15:00 The Heat need to play at a slower pace

19:00 Clay—The Heat’s effort lapses have happened all year long

22:00 We’re looking at anew Ben Simmons since Embiid went out

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