Meyer on new texting rule: Most ignorant thing I've ever heard

Ohio State football coach also upset over satellite camp change

By The Sports Xchange

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has a message for the NCAA after learning that the governing body of college sports made some significant changes late last week.

The NCAA on Friday banned satellite camps as well as now making it possible for a high school player to receive thousands of text messages from coaches.

"The texting thing is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard in my life," Meyer said Monday after the Buckeyes' morning practice. "Do you really want text messages from 100 universities on your phone when you come out of school? The ones I know don't."

At first, Meyer seemed more upset about the change in the texting policy, but then reflected on the demise of satellite camps, how coaches benefit from working at off-campus camps and how hundreds of players have earned scholarships thanks to these camps.

When he was at Bowling Green, he and his staff would make the drive to Columbus to take part in Ohio State's camps and see players, who they could potentially offer scholarships.

"I wish they'd revisit that part of it. I think there's a knee-jerk reaction because people complained and I get that," Meyer explained. "It's a slippery slope. I'm not worried about the high-level players, because they're going to find a way to get where they need to get.

"I'm talking about, there's a big chunk of players who deserve to play major college football. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, because I don't really know. But you should always think first about the players."

One of Meyer's solutions is to allow student-athletes to have a voice on some changes, while adding his comments were not "anti-NCAA."