Wade, Winslow address Westbrook's confrontation with fan

Heat star says cameras usually focus on just the players

By David Lang - Executive Producer

Dwyane Wade talks to reporters after practice Tuesday

MIAMI - Dwyane Wade discussed Russell Westbrook's confrontation with a fan after Heat practice on Tuesday.

Wade showed support for Westbrook, while acknowledging the challenges that security personnel face at NBA arenas.

Wade said, "I've definitely had a lot of instances where fans or the crowd of opposing teams and that's the tough part of the game.  Most of the time, the microphone or the camera is on the player."

That was the case with Westbrook on Monday, when a camera caught him challenging a fan.

Westbrook claims the fan made inappopriate remarks.  The fan claims he was just talking to Westbrook before the player threatened he and his girlfriend.

Wade said, "It goes both ways.  A lot of times its started the other way and directed at players.  You want to say be above it, be bigger than that, but a lot of times if it's personal, there's a lot of things that you can't deny, you can't ignore... especially if its about your family.  I don't know what happened in that particular instance, but it gets nasty."

Justise Winslow showed support for Westbrook.

Winslow said, "Man all type of names.  Racial slurs.  I'm from Texas, I grew up in Texas, a lot of racism and sterotyping, profiling goes on there.  It's not my first time, won't be my last.  I'm glad he stood up for himself, because it's not right."

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