Will Manso: We've arrived in China!

Flight from the US took over 15 hours

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OCTOBER 8 - 10:30 AM (10:30 PM BEIJING) - We've arrived safely in Beijing after a 14 hour flight.  It's the longest flight I've ever taken, but believe it or not, it wasn't that bad.

Erik Spoesltra and many of the players had given me advice on how to deal with the boredom that could come during such a lengthy flight.  These guys are pros at it.

Coach Spoelstra has been traveling to Asia every summer for years, while this is the 10th time in China for LeBron.   Each said to read some books, watch some movies and get some sleep.   I was able to do a little bit of all of those things to pass the time.

PHOTOS: Heat in China

As for those players and coaches, they sat at the front of the plane.  I was able to take a glimpse of the team while in the air, and let's just say they were resting comfortably in first class.  While most of them told me they were looking forward to enjoying the experience, the one thing no one enjoys is spending so much time on a plane.

Coach Spo used the time to watch some game film and even mentioned he would play catch up on watching some TV shows like Dexter.

Honestly, the hardest part now is adjusting to the time change.  We're 12 hours ahead of the eastern time from back home in Miami, so we arrived in Beijing right around 9:30pm local time on Monday night.  To our bodies, it's 9:30am on Monday morning.  Getting to the hotel now and just falling asleep won't be easy.

About 100 or so die-hard Heat fans were waiting at the airport to catch a glimpse of the Heat.  I'm guessing that's a tame welcome compared to what's to come over the next week.

But, it's a must for now for everyone to get some rest.  The Heat have their first practice in China bright and early at 9am and then we'll all head straight to a tour of the Great Wall of China.

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