Worry for Heat? Not me

Losses mount and now Wade injured

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Heat fans are not in panic mode yet, but, judging by your e-mails, it's becoming clear some people out there are concerned about Miami's recent performance.  The Heat has lost 3 straight games, and while that doesn't worry me too much, the fact that Dwyane Wade is injured is something to monitor.

Wade is out with a sprained ankle.  The team says it has no idea when he'll be back, but it doesn't seem to be serious.  Yet, with Wade also dealing with a minor calf injury, you have to wonder if we may not see him for more than a few games. 

I said before the season that the only way Miami doesn't win the NBA title this season is if Lebron or Wade struggles with injuries.  It's far to early to say that is happening to Wade, but he's having a hard time staying on the court.  The good news for Miami is that LeBron James is having an MVP type season, and this team is battle tested.

Let's not forget, the Heat started last season 8-7 and everyone seemed to wonder if Miami could recover.  I think we all remember what happened.  The point is, let's relax a bit before we claim something is wrong.

This team is still the best team in the NBA, and I don't see them stumbling around much longer.  Home games this week against San Antonio and the Los Angeles Lakers should give us a better idea of what's ahead.  I expect them to rebound, even without Wade.

Meantime, Wade just needs to concentrate on getting back in one piece.  I see no need to rush him through this portion of the season.  Right now, he's not healthy.  Just like the Heat, he'll be back.  Then we can put all this panic talk to rest.  Let's all say it together:  the Heat will be just fine.

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