Fitzpatrick continues to take first-team reps for Dolphins

Rosen still behind

By Clay Ferraro - Reporter

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the No. 1 quarterback for the Miami Dolphins for now.

DAVIE, Fla. - Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores cautions not to read too much into which quarterback is running with the starters right now at minicamp. 

With that said, here's what we are seeing: 

Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to take first-team reps and continues to look like the better QB at camp for now. 

The "for now" part is important because Rosen arrived later than Fitzpatrick so his learning curve is steeper. Plus, there have been times where Rosen simply hasn't had any time to throw behind the backup offensive line. 

Still, Fitzpatrick continues to make the most of his chances. He has developed a strong chemistry with DeVante Parker, hitting him on a deep touchdown pass early in Tuesday's session. 

Flores said everything will factor into deciding which QB will start in week one: practice, preseason games and what happens in meetings. If today were week one, Fitzpatrick would appear to be the easy choice.

But it's only June, so any observations we make now could be rendered meaningless over the next three months.

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