Waiting on Fisher

Dolphins still hopeful

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It's a little after 9pm on Wednesday night, and we're all still waiting to find out if Jeff Fisher picks the Dolphins or the St Lous Rams.  This is like a bad reality show that Fisher is playing out to exhaustion.  Just think, it's like the Bachelor, and the Fins are hoping to get a rose.  Of course, the alternative is the real problem.

I've ripped Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on this blog, but to his credit, he's put the full court press on Fisher.  From fancy helicopter rides to a huge contract offer, Ross is doing all he can to get his man.  Kudos to Ross on trying to make a big move.  Will it be enough?  Only Fisher really knows. 

If you believe the "so-called" experts, he's leaning toward Miami.  Then again, yesterday he was leaning toward the Rams.  I know one thing for sure, if the Dolphins don't get their man, I have no clue what would happen next.  Ross wants to make his fan base happy. and anyone but a big name will anger already frustrated fans.  Let's hope Fisher has a good night's sleep and wakes up with Miami on his mind.

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