Ozzie Guillen tweets reaction after being fired

Team parts ways with manager after one season

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MIAMI - The Miami Marlins have fired manager Ozzie Guillen after just one season.

The announcement was made by Marlins' President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest.

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"I think it kind of starts and ends when you look at the overall disappointment and the record of this team. We felt like, 'Hey, you know what, we need to do some roster stuff,' and a lot of that falls on me and our front office and our scouts and everybody and we need to do a better job but I think that, in concert with the new situation downstairs, we can try to push things forward, and that's what this is all about today," said Beinfest.

Guillen tweeted:

"Thanks to my family and great friends for (their) support my kids (my) wife and all my boys."

"To the fans that support me and for those who are happy as well my love and respect to you as well."

"In life there are worst things and i have (experienced) them. I have lived through bad moments and I will get through this with support."

"Better things will come or worst things but they will come. Thanks a lot for the support in this difficult time but not the worst. I'm fine with the people that I love with my head held up high real high."

Meanwhile, Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco sounded upset after the news, tweeting, "U gotta be f****** s******* me."\

The Marlins finished Guillen's first season with a 69-93 record.

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