Paris St. Germain players practice at Barry University's soccer field

International Champions Cup matches to be played in Detroit, Orlando, Miami

By Terrell Forney - Reporter

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. - The biggest clubs in international soccer will be in South Florida over the next couple weeks, including Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

And on Monday, the biggest club in French soccer was practicing in Miami Shores.

Barry University hosted Paris St. Germain on its soccer field ahead of a series of matches in South Florida.

PSG, as the team is commonly called, was out on the field nonstop for about an hour and half as they practiced for the International Champions Cup, a series of world soccer matches that will be played in Orlando, Detroit and Miami over the next few weeks.

It's similar to their preseason competitive matches, so there is a trophy at the end of all of the matches, but it's not tied to any world cup games.

Still it's chance for fans to see some of the biggest names in soccer.

Monday's practice match was supposed to be a private one, but there was some confusion and some fans showed up to watch.

"It's amazing because we get to see one of the greatest strikers in the world, (Edinson) Cavani, and he's amazing," soccer fan Mike Lui said. "So for us, it's a real treat and for my son, it's a real treat, too."

The most anticipated match of the International Champions Cup, El Clasico, will take place at Hard Rock Stadium on July 29.

The match will feature Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Tickets for that game are going for about $300.

"No, I'm not going to El Clasico because I can't afford it. Those tickets are crazy. It's either that or a car payment," soccer fan Jose Silva said. 

For those who can't splurge for the big match, practice games at the Hard Rock leading up to the event cost between $10 and $30.


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