Stylist helps Wade's wardbrobe

Heat star sets fashion trends

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Dwyane Wade is not only turning up the heat on the basketball court, but on the red carpet.  His edgy fashion sense is being talked about at post-game news conferences almost as much as the games sometimes. So where does this sense of style come from? His personal stylist Calyann Barnett said he has a deep love of fashion, "I think he has always loved looking proper, his dad has always stressed looking the part where ever he went."

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In the four years, she has worked with him, Barnett has seen Wade's clothes become edgier and more fitted. The Heat guard favoring fitted suits over the baggy clothes he used to wear.  "It's not about brand, it's about fit.  It has to be tailored to his body and he has to be able to put on his swag once he puts it on," Barnett said.

Barnett took local 10's Neki Mohan on a little shopping trip at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park, her favorite one stop shopping destination for all things Wade.  Barnett says she prepares all his clothes for every game.  Sometimes he chooses her suggestion, sometimes his styling is worn at the news conference.

She has noticed that the other players are following suit.  Barnett said, "We did the nerd glasses thing at NBA all star weekend 3 years ago, I'm not  going to say we started, but we started it!"

When asked about the pink bandage on his finger to match a pink suit Wade wore a few weeks ago, Barnett replied, " He likes to coordinate, that's what he can do. I give him the clothes, he gets the band-aids. I don't know where you find pink band aids but he found! That's how much he cares about what he does."

For Wade it's all about the small details, pocket squares, lapel pins, even flowers. Barnett says he is very meticulous about every look.

Barnett is a South Florida native.  She was raised in Cutler Bay, she graduated from FIU and then Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Wade was her first big client and has been for four years, she say he is a great person to work with. His favorite fashion staples:  J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein white V neck t-shirts and his Pac-man t-shirt.

When asked what you could buy him as a present? "Socks, he always needs socks," said the energetic fashionista. 

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