What's in a name? Ask Mike Stanton

Marlins slugger now "Giancarlo"

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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You may have missed one of the more interesting stories of the day.  Marlins slugger Mike Stanton now wants to be known by his real first name; Giancarlo.

You may be asking, why would Stanton make the switch now?  Well, his middle name is Mike, and as a child, most kids couldn't get Giancarlo right.  To not have to deal with the confusion, Stanton went with the simple "Mike" and the rest was history.

That is, until this spring.  Now that Stanton has become a household name to baseball fans, he feels it's about time people call him by his real name.  So, "Giancarlo" it is.

Honestly, it'll take a little while for members of the media and fans to get used to it.  But, if he continues to crush mammoth home runs, it doesn't really matter what you call him.  His teammates will just continue call him the most dangerous bat in the line-up and so will I.

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