Will Manso: don't judge Marshall trade yet

Dolphins have plan after trading top player

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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Dolphins fans everywhere are shaking their heads at this latest move by Miami.  The biggest play-maker on offense traded to Chicago for two 3rd round draft picks.  That's all the Fins could get for Brandon Marshall?

Yes, Dol-Fans, I feel your pain, but I also ask you to be patient before judging what this all means.

First of all, I do not think moving Marshall was done to have a better chance at signing Peyton Manning.  Even Marshall's agent said the Dolphins had been talking about trading his client for few weeks now.

I also don't think this team is in any kind of rebuilding mode.  I've had way to many angry e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages from fans thinking Miami is waving the white flag.  Trust me, they're not.

Let's start with the reason for trading Marshall.  Simply put, the Fins didn't think he was worth the trouble and risk anymore with a new quarterback coming in.

As good as Marshall can be statistically, he can be just as bad with his distractions.  I commend Marshall for coming forward and speaking out about his bout with borderline personality disorder.  That took a lot of courage.  That said, the NFL is a big business, and Marshall is always one misstep away from hurting the Dolphins.

I've talked to people around the team who were clearly always a little worried about Marshall imploding at some point.  Whether having confrontations with his wife or strange episodes with a cab driver, the star receiver flirted with disaster in his two seasons in Miami.

In the end, the Dolphins were ready to move on.

As for the compensation Miami receives, yes, it seems bizarre to get two 3rd round picks for a player you gave away two 2nd round picks to obtain.  But, let's not forget, Marshall isn't getting any younger, and the image of him around the league remains the same.  No matter where he plays, he's a major risk.  The Dolphins took a chance that didn't really pay off.  The Chicago Bears are now taking the same chance.

Okay, so what now for Miami?

Believe me when I tell you that the Dolphins have a plan.  The trade frees up a few million dollars in salary cap space, and the Fins will pursue a QB in Manning or Matt Flynn, plus go after a wide receiver to replace Marshall. 

Miami also has a chance now to re-sign defensive tackle Paul Soliai.  He's a big piece of the Fins defense.

Finally, the Dolphins still have the 8th pick in the draft, plus the extra 3rd round pick this season obtained in the Marshall trade.

Let's see how this all plays out.  Many Dol-Fans have little to no faith in the current regime, but don't jump to conclusions just yet.  It's Jeff Ireland's move now.  Let's see what he has up his sleeve.

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