Will's Blog: Dolphins 'knocking' for attention

Miami Dolphins to be featured on 'Hard Knocks'

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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MIAMI - If you haven't heard, the Miami Dolphins will be the featured on the upcoming TV show "Hard Knocks" on HBO. 

The popular show follows around an NFL team during training camp.  It highlights the good, bad and ugly side of a pro football team.

As we know, the Dolphins have had plenty of ugly moments over the last few years, but I think agreeing to do this show is a great opportunity to change that image.

Trust me, I've read your e-mails and Twitter/Facebook comments about this being a bad idea.  Most fans I've heard from believe this team should worry about winning football games and not a television show.  I understand that, but I don't see how doing this show will hurt the team on the field.

Football is a business.  Yes, it's a business about winning football games, but it's also a business about making money.  If and when the Dolphins start winning games, I know fans will start to buy more tickets and merchandise.  Believe me when I tell you, the Dolphins organization knows this as well.

But trying to showcase another side of the perceived image the football world has about the Dolphins wouldn't be a bad idea.  This show gives Miami an outlet to do that.  It's not only a way to potentially get more fans, but it's also a way to give current fans, who are very frustrated, an inside look at what the team is trying to do to change its losing ways. 

I've complained many times that we never get to see general manager Jeff Ireland behind the scenes or that we never really get access to know what these players are all about.  Well, this is the perfect chance to see those things and more.

Plus, this is a new regime with Joe Philbin as head coach and rookie Ryan Tannehill at quarterback.  This is supposed to be a new era of Miami Dolphins football.  Being on "Hard Knocks" now gives us a glimpse at what this new style is all about.

I'm convinced this is a good thing.  In time, I think hesitant Dolphins fans will too.

Of course, if the losing continues, no television show will appease the die-hard fans who want nothing more than to see this team succeed.  But, remember, this is a rebuilding football team.  They're making the effort to change the recent history. 

Won't it make you happy to know things may finally be going in the right direction?


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