Will's Blog: Heat stars to outshine Pacers tonight

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade set to lead Heat to Eastern Conference Finals

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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MIAMI - The NBA came down hard on the Heat for the flagrant fouls committed by Udonis Halsem and Dexter Pittman in game five.  It's left Miami fans crying foul, especially since Indiana's Tyler Hansbrough wasn't suspended for his face-cutting flagrant foul of Dwyane Wade.

Haslem has to sit out game six, while Pittman gets a three game suspension.

I understand the frustration from fans, but here's the thing, the Heat can -- and likely will -- close out Indy on Thursday night.  They'll do it for two obvious reasons: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Even when the Heat were struggling in this series, I implored fans not to panic. I knew that, at all times, Miami had the best two players on the court.  

The playoffs is all about stars.  The Pacers don't have any.  

Indiana has proven to be a balanced team, but do they have anyone who can carry a team like LeBron did in game four?  Or how about a player who can have a 58-point explosion like Wade did over the last two games?  

The answer to both is no.

That's why the answer to whether the Heat would win this series has always been yes.  Miami has two of the best five players in the world, and the Pacers have no answer for that.

So, while losing the veteran leadership and toughness of Haslem will hurt the Heat, James and Wade will come to the rescue again. 

If the Pacers can somehow force a game seven, who are you taking to make the big plays to win the game?  

I'll take the team with the superstars, thank you.