Will's Sports Blog: Dolphins win, out of luck?

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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Miami Dolphins

MIAMI - It was a win-lose situation for Dolphins fans everywhere. While it felt great to see the Fins finally win a game, like Miami did on Sunday in Kansas City, it put a big dent in the team's chances of getting the top pick in next year's NFL draft.

By now, most people are aware of the campaign to get Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. He's the can't-miss prospect expected to be the number one overall pick in next year's NFL draft. Luck happens to be exactly what this franchise needs for the future, but with every win, the chances of getting him will lessen.

Which makes me wonder, were more fans disappointed about the win because of the impact it has in the chase for Luck? That's tough to say. I will say this, I'm happy for the players and especially happy for coach Tony Sparano. He has gotten plenty of heat from fans and the media, and most of it deservedly so. But, Sparano is a good man who deserves to be able to enjoy a winning week with his football team. Yes, Sparano will likely not be the head coach next season for the Fins, but his players went out and played hard for him. They clearly wanted to win one for him.

That said, I think I speak for a lot of Dol-Fans when I say, this win doesn't come even close to fixing all the problems Miami has. It feels good to win, but it will feel even better to have a franchise QB in the future. A couple of more efforts like Sunday and Miami may be out of luck in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Isn't it funny when a win sometimes feels like a loss?

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