Neki Mohan



Neki Mohan is a veteran anchor/reporter in South Florida who brings experience and energy to everything she does. Born in New York and raised in the Caribbean, she connects with the raw energy of the many diverse people in South Florida. "I live in a place where I can meet someone who just arrived in the U.S. today or someone who has greatly improved their family status in one generation," Neki said. "That's one of the most exciting parts of my job." Whether it's a hurricane or a political campaign, Neki has tackled it. Before settling in South Florida for the past 10 years with WPLG-TV, Neki worked on award-winning teams in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Washington and Jackson, Mississippi. A graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in journalism and politics, Neki credits the education she got on the streets with her ability to talk to just about anyone. "I truly believe we all want the same thing out of life. We all just go about it differently," she said. "There is always a way to connect." Having had the opportunity to be mentored by journalism greats like Peter Jennings, Carole Simpson, David Brinkley, Bob Schieffer, Cokie Roberts and many more, Neki knows the power in mentoring. As a mentor in the Women of Tomorrow organization, she empowers high school girls to discover their full potential. She has also taught journalism seminars for the National Association of Black Journalists as well as the Asian Association of Journalists. What she is most proud of though, is her family. "We have a feisty young daughter who challenges us every day to think deeper, be better and take plenty of vitamins to keep up with her," she said. An avid fitness enthusiast, Neki has run a couple of a marathons and has this philosophy: "Life is not a sprint, it's a really diverse course with challenges and scenery," she said. "Sometimes you slow down to take it all in. Other times you dig deep to get through it. One thing is for sure -- only you can run your own race."


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