Make money with your old iPhone

Get store credit or sell your old phone online

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – The release of Apple's iPhone 5 means there are lots of old models in limbo.

Experts suggest their are smart ways to get rid of your last iPhone that can put money in your pocket.

One way is to bring your phone into a retailer for store credit. 

You can also try to sell it online by yourself.  In that case, it's important to make sure all your personal data gets wiped clean.

Plus, several websites have been established to buy phones directly from owners.

Dan Brauser with Usell.com said his company site, "actually aggregates all the prices from these sites.  So we help the consumers make sure they get the best price for their device, and we share other customers' reviews."

If you decide to sell a phone to an online company, they will give you shipping information, and a check or PayPal credit will arrive later.

If you're due for an upgrade from your mobile provider that can also be used for credit.

The bottom line, said Brauser, your old iPhone is, "still worth a lot."

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