Sexy breast cancer awareness campaign prompts '#ShowYourScar' protest

Breast cancer awareness month marketing prompts social media protest


MIAMI – When the very sexy model Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley showed  her lace and silk pink bra for a breast cancer awareness campaign linked to the sale of M&S lingerie, some survivors said the campaign couldn't be more inaccurate. 


Sexy is not the reality of a disease that forces some to undergo a bilateral mastectomy, surgery to remove both breast. In response, the Young Breast Cancer Network, a group of young patients and survivors in the United Kingdom, started the  "#ShowYourScar" campaign.

The "#ShowYourStrap" campaign was meant to raise funds from Breast Cancer Now, a charity that funds research in the United Kingdom. Sammy Browning, who was diagnosed at 23, said she agrees with the point "#ShowYourScar" is trying to make.

"The original #ShowYourStrap idea seems insensitive," Browning said on Twitter.

Women who undergo cancer treatment sometimes have skin reactions from chemo, radiation therapy burns and the scars of several reconstruction surgeries.

Others have to also remove their ovaries to prevent a recurrence. And the end result of all the life-saving treatments is not sexy.

"#ShowYourStrap just crass," Rita Rake said. "Reality, not glamour will save lives, even if it doesn't sell bras.

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