Users warned to beware of new phone scam

Experts say hang up if a stranger asks "can you hear me?"

(Drew Angerer)

MIAMI – A massive new phone scam is dialing up plenty of victims that begins with a familiar phrase.

Users are being warned to immediately hang up the phone if they hear someone asking "can you hear me?"

CBS News reports the scam is an effort to record users saying the word "yes" in a conversation, and then using it to authorize unauthorized charges on a phone, utility bill or stolen credit card.

Authorities in several states have already issued warnings in connection with the scheme.

Experts say that in most cases, the scam artists already have a user's personal information via a previous data breach. 

The report says that if a user feels they have been scammed, they should call the company in question and ask for proof if they respond that there is a recording of you approving a charge.

In addition to the question of "can you hear me," users are being told to remain skeptical about any question from a stranger in which the response would be "yes."