Software can crack down on users who share Netflix accounts


LAS VEGAS – C'mon, admit it; you know you do it. You subscribe to Netflix and share your password with family and friends so they can enjoy the media streaming service free of charge.

Well, that all might come to an end in the very near future.

New software introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas can track down users who use shared accounts and passwords, quickly ending their free ride.

Synamedia's AI software analyzes which users are logged in at any current moment and then flag those accounts that are being shared, the Daily Mail reports.

Synamedia's software can determine where an account is being used, whether at home or on the road, and who is watching.

According to research, around 26 percent of millennials share their log-in information for streaming services. If that practice continues through 2021, that would reportedly add up to $11.1 billion in losses to video and OTT services.

While Netflix offers the ability to share with others, it is believed that standard is abused and log-in information is being shared with more than makes financial sense for the company.