Apple changing iPhone charging cables... again, report says


MIAMI – Yeah, it's been eight years, but doesn't it seem like just yesterday when Apple made iPhone users switch to the new lightning charger cables, causing angst and heartburn all over the world?

Well, they're about to do it again.

According to the Daily Mail, Apple is set to change to a different format of charging cables. In fact, the new version is one already beloved by Android users.

The report says Apple will move to the USB-C cables that are already being used by the iPad Pro. The USB-C cable debuted in 2014 and is used by the Samsung Galaxy 9 and Google Pixel 2.

Apple users have been through this change before when the company moved on from a 30-pin cable when the iPhone 4 was released in 2012.

The good news is that Apple and Android users may soon be able to share charging cables, which always comes in handy when you leave yours in the car.