Millions of Twitter users will soon have chance to get verified

Feeling blue? If you have always wanted that checkmark on your Twitter page, you will soon be able to make it a reality.

Twitter announced it is reopening its verification process for the first time in four years.

Twitter unveiled the application process on the @verified Twitter page. Twitter said accounts must have a profile name and image, confirmed email address or phone number and must be currently active on the site.

Twitter also said that accounts must be authentic, notable and active to qualify for a blue badge.

Over the next few weeks, Twitter users will see the checkmark application in the account settings tab.

After applying, you should hear back from Twitter in just weeks. If you get rejected, don’t worry. You can reapply 30 days later.

Twitter said there about 400,000 verified accounts as of now.

The blue checkmark proves an account-holder is who they say they are, but is also a badge of honor for many on Twitter.

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