Riders trapped on stuck Walt Disney World monorail

Monorail gets stuck while heading toward Epcot

Photo: Tom Metevia/ Graham Media Group
Photo: Tom Metevia/ Graham Media Group

ORLANDO, Fla. – Firefighters used ladder and bucket trucks late Thursday to rescue dozens of riders stranded aboard a monorail at Disney World.

A Disney guest said that the monorail lost power around 10:30 p.m., shortly after it left the transportation and ticket center on its way to Epcot.

A source said four of the six cars were occupied with up to 100 passengers, three of whom were treated. The official said one patient suffered an asthma attack, one was treated for anxiety attack and the other suffered nausea.

The source said the monorail stopped in an area difficult to access off World Drive behind some trees and a wetland area. A rope technique was used to access the first car and a ladder truck was used to rescue passengers aboard the second car. A modified platform was used to help the stranded guests on the other cars, the source said.

Several photos were posted to social media sites showing firefighters arriving to help the stranded guests.

A section of World Drive was blocked off during the incident.