This Week in South Florida: Scot Evans and Martha Schoolman

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Diversity, equity and inclusion are words that were considered goal-worthy and critical to a community.

This lawmaking session, those three words headline higher education programs now in the crosshairs of the governor and supporting lawmakers who consider what they call DEI political indoctrination, divisive and discriminatory.

The Florida House of Representatives took up legislation last month targeting DEI funding, departments and curriculum in the state’s public universities.

Late Friday night, faculty and students from the University of Miami, a private institution, posted a letter with almost a thousand signatures opposing House Bill 999.

Scot Evans is a faculty member at the University of Miami School of Education and Development, and Martha Schoolman is a faculty member in the English department at Florida International University, South Florida’s pre-eminent state public university which is very much affected by these bills.

They joined This Week in South Florida host Glenna Milberg to discuss, and their conversation can be seen at the top of this page.

About the Author:

Glenna Milberg joined Local 10 News in September 1999 to report on South Florida's top stories and community issues. She also serves as co-host on Local 10's public affairs broadcast, "This Week in South Florida."