Louisiana State Police release all footage related to Ronald Greene's violent arrest

Louisiana State Police have released all body camera footage related to the 2019 arrest of Ronald Greene, a Black man who died in custody after a high-speed chase following a traffic violation, Superintendent Col. Lamar Davis said Friday. The videos have been uploaded to the department's YouTube page. The Associated Press earlier this week obtained and published some recordings of the incident, which showed officers tasing, punching, and placing Greene in a chokehold as he pleaded with them. In another video, obtained by CNN before its release by state police, a trooper, seemingly a supervisor, appears to praise the other troopers for how the handled they arrest. The officers' treatment of Greene has been described as "torture" and "sadistic" by a former police officer and a use-of-force expert. An autopsy report obtained by CNN was uncertain about the cause of death, but said lacerations of Greene's head were "most consistent with multiple impacts from a blunt object." On Friday, Davis offered his "sincere condolences" to Greene's family and said the department has and will continue to make "significant change." Read more at The Washington Post and CNN. More stories from theweek.com5 riotously funny cartoons about GOP resistance to the January 6 CommissionWhy Emily Wilder got fired and Chris Cuomo didn'tAngelina Jolie stands perfectly still, unshowered, covered in bees for World Bee Day