Crews begin installing poles along I-95 express lanes in Broward County

Installation to take several days

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Life in the fast lane is expanding into Broward County.

Crews began installing orange plastic poles along the Interstate 95 express lanes in Broward County at 9 p.m. Monday. 

The installation of the poles, is the second phase of a nearly $63 million project creating express lanes along I-95 in South Florida.

The new poles will line an 8-mile stretch of the highway and pick up from the Golden Glades interchange in Miami-Dade County to just south of Broward Boulevard.

Plastic poles will be installed nightly for several nights and the length of the express lanes will extend daily, eventually helping to ease traffic. 

"They've been very successful helping move traffic, especially in Miami-Dade, so that's why we're moving it further into Broward to help with congestion," Florida Department of Transportation spokeswoman Barbara Kelleher said.

The roadwork starts just south of Hallandale Beach Boulevard and will end once the poles reach State Road 84. Overnight lane and ramp closures are expected to be in effect until March 31. 

FDOT has a reminder for those who might not be accustomed to driving in the express lanes:

"We want to remind people that when they see the plastic poles, once the system's operational, once you get in there, you will not be able to get out until the designated areas for exits," Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Wysocky said.

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