Hey, motorcyclists: Stop doing this. It's illegal


MIAMI – What may seem like an added perk of driving a motorcycle is actually against the law in Florida.

You see it happening all the time when you're stopped at a light in your car. You're waiting for the light to turn green, and a motorcycle comes up between lanes to cut in front of traffic.

"There is no one I know who enjoys waiting in line," Trooper Steve Montiero told WKMG. "Throw the Florida weather and the heat from a motorcycle engine into the mix of that waiting experience, and it’s a recipe for someone to lose their cool. Some of our weather elements may make a motorcyclist think they are exempt from certain rules, but in reality, they are definitely not." 

And cutting between stopped cars is a big no-no, according to Montiero.

"Here in Florida, motorcycles are required to follow the exact same laws as their four-wheeled cousins," he said. "Some states outside of Florida differ, but in the Sunshine State, lane-splitting and/or moving to the front of stopped traffic is a violation of the traffic law." 

Montiero said motorcyclists who violate the law could be hit with a big fine.


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