It'll cost you! Average Miami driver spends nearly $123,000 commuting

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MIAMI – If you're looking for something fun to think about while you're stuck in South Florida traffic, try this little nugget on for size.

The average Miami driver spends $122,877 in commuting costs over a lifetime.

Isn't that just about the worst thing you've ever heard, you know, as it relates to traffic and your hard-earned money?

A report from EducatedDriver, a driver safety website, shared the frightening details that showed Americans drive over 173,000 miles to and from work in their lifetime, which is equal to seven trips around the world.

Using U.S. Census Bureau and AAA data, the report determined the total cost per mile of operating a vehicle is 60.8 cents/mile, factoring in gas, insurance and maintenance costs.

Here are the ugly numbers as they relate to Miami drivers:

  • Average commute round trip - 17 miles
  • Lifetime distance commuting - 193,500
  • Lifetime cost (sedan) - $117,648
  • Lifetime cost (Minivan) - $126,356
  • Lifetime cost (SUV) - $149,576

But don't sweat it, Miami drivers, things are not that bad.  In fact, Miami doesn't even take the top spot for highest commuting costs in the state. That honor goes to Jacksonville and Orlando drivers who spend over $130,000 over a lifetime commuting.

And if you want to talk about driving hell, head up to Atlanta where the cost is $182,886 over 288,000 miles commuting, hands down the costliest spot in the U.S.