Look for Gabriel Garcia Marquez's street next time you go to Madrid

Madrid joins Los Angeles in naming a street after the Nobel laureate

Colombian Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez gets ready to autograph one of his books in 2010. He began to suffer from dementia, after treatment form lymphatic cancer in 1999. He died April 17 in Mexico City. (MIGUEL TOVAR/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Madrid's Mayor Ana Botella said Monday she plans to name a street after Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died April 17 at 87.

City official Pedro Corral said the proposal to honor his memory would move forward in May. Marquez lived in Madrid and in Barcelona for more than seven years.

There is already a public school named after Marquez in Madrid. Streets in Los Angeles and in Zaragoza, Spain are also named after him.

Famous phrases the author said in Madrid

"Una vez que hago en mis novelas la última lectura ya no me interesan, el libro es como un león muerto". (Diario 16, Madrid, 1989).

"Mis relaciones con el cine son las de un matrimonio mal avenido, que no pueden vivir juntos ni separados". (El País, Madrid, 1987)

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