Nightly blackouts, pirate activity turned cruise into 'ghost ship'


SYDNEY, Australia – If your vision of the perfect cruise includes nightly blackouts due to pirate activity, then you'll be be angry you weren't aboard this journey.

Passengers aboard a 104-day cruise around the world on the Sea Princess underwent ten days of nightly blackouts as they traveled through waters with pirate activity from Australia to Dubai.

The blackouts meant no deck parties, no deck movies, no swimming, along with many other nightly activities.

When writing about the Sea Princess, Carolyne Jasinksi, a passenger on the ill-fated cruise, wrote "she was a ghost ship."

All curtains on the ship were required to be drawn at sunset, and any bright lights were either dimmed or turned off.

What's worse, Fortune reports passengers were forced to participate in safety drills to prepare for pirate attacks.

Thankfully, the Sea Princess arrived in Dubai without any sight of pirates or attacks.

Believe it or not, guests who booked travel on the Sea Princess around the world cruise paid up to $20,000 for the experience.