Get paid $10,000 per month to live in Cancun


CANCUN – If you've been looking for the perfect job that combines the life of a beach bum with a good salary, there's a job with your name on it.

Cancun.com is looking for a CEO.

No, not a Chief Executive Officer, but a Cancun Experience Officer. There's a big difference.

The company is willing to pay the right hire $10,000 per month to help share the "experience" of living in Cancun through videos, photos and other formats.

If the strong salary isn't enough to sway you, how about being housed in a luxury hotel with all excursions being paid for?

The hired employee will be forced to tough it out by swimming with whale sharks, exploring ancient ruins and the proverbial "much more."

The one drawback is that the position is only filled for six months, from March-August 2018.

Candidates who wish to apply can CLICK HERE, but must do it before Dec. 17.