Frustrated passengers stuck on tarmac on Delta flight bound for Miami

Delta apologizes for delay, denies claims passengers weren't offered food

MIAMI – Frustration boiled over for passengers who were stuck on the tarmac for hours on a flight from New York to Miami.

Delta flight 2385 was scheduled to depart New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport just before 4 p.m. Thursday, but it didn't actually take to the sky until shortly before midnight because of inclement weather.

That left frustrated passengers stuck on the tarmac for almost eight hours.

Passengers who took to Twitter to vent their frustrations said at one point a fight broke out, prompting police intervention.

Twitter video shows a Port Authority police officer on the plane talking to passengers and crew members.

One officer asks a flight attendant, "Who are the two people who started fighting?"

The captain's announcement to passengers can be heard in another video, suggesting some passengers lost their cool during the extended wait.

"But when things become physical and I'm hearing arguments and things being tossed around in the cabin through a door, we can't have that," he said. 

Two passengers told ABC News they weren't offered for water for about two hours and never offered food, but Delta denied those accounts.

"Customers were offered both water and snack service while on the tarmac and were also offered the chance to take a bus back to the terminal, given the plane was parked on a remote pad for quite some time," Delta said in a statement. "We apologize for the inconvenience and the plane has since taken off for Miami."