Visit Mars, but without leaving Earth -- this month-long trip lets you 'experience' the Red Planet

This is not your average vacation

Here's an artist's conception of the Phoenix Mars Lander on the Red Planet (photo Illustration by NASA/JPL via Getty Images).

Ever wanted to visit Mars?

We ask because now you can. Well, in a way.

TripAdvisor is offering the vacation of a lifetime, and it’s called Experience Life On Mars.

You’d live as an astronaut, essentially, in the caves of Northern Spain, for about a month.

In the description posted online, the site asks, “Want to be part of the next great space race? The Astroland experience offers those brave enough a demanding test, full of rewards of incalculable value.”

Still have no idea what we’re talking about?

You’d be truly exploring your limits if you went on this trip, which includes a three-week training program and another three days of physical and psychological training at the Astroland facilities, according to TripAdvisor.

“The first step toward establishing a human colony on Mars is to replicate living conditions on the Red Planet,” the site says. “With this aim in mind, we have created a scientific space station deep in the caves of Cantabria. Ares Station is isolated from human contact and the cavity, framed in an idyllic setting, is 60 meters tall and 1.2 kilometers long. Ares Station is equipped with everything necessary to test all the technologies and human performance capabilities that will be required to survive life on Mars. You will be a pioneer in the arrival of the human species to other planets.”

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