Amazon facing complaints after possible price gouging on water

MIAMI – After finding empty store shelves ahead of Hurricane Irma, many people are turning to Amazon for water supplies and not happy with what they find.

Accusations are flying that the online giant is price gouging when it comes to bottled water. 

Price gouging is illegal once a state of emergency has been declared in a specific area. Gov. Rick Scott issued the state of emergency order for the entire state of Florida on Monday.

Amazon is currently listing a 24-pack of Aquafina water for $39.99, almost quadruple the normal price during non-emergencies.

A one gallon of Deer Park distilled water is selling on the site for $21.95. 

People have taken to social media to voice their complaints, accusing Amazon of price gouging when people are in dire need of supplies.

@AMarieAlvarez posted a plea to Amazon to "stop greedy people from taking advantage of others situation."

Sam Caucci asks, "Can someone throw @Amazon in jail for price gouging? Really? $318 for shipping 2 cases of water by Saturday?"