Miami-Dade County will not reopen this week, possible return on Monday

Monroe County students invited to join classes


MIAMI – Miami-Dade County Public Schools will not reopen through Friday and are targeting to reopen on Monday, Sept. 18.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho made the announcement on Twitter, saying two-thirds of the schools are currently without power as of Tuesday.

No schools received major damage, but without power, Carvalho does not believe it is a safe environment for students.

On Sunday, Carvalho left a return open-ended due to the difficulty in making school inspections for possible damage.

Carvahlo added that any of the 13,000 students in Monroe County are welcome to come to Miami-Dade for classes while schools are repaired in the Florida Keys.

The superintendent added that school dates that have already been missed do not have to be made up, but a final decision has yet to be made.

As Hurricane Irma pounded South Florida, leaving thousands of customers without electricity, Carvalho said all 42 school shelters have generators. He said there are mechanics at each site to address any issues in case the generators fail.