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Emergency rooms fill up in Hurricane Irma's aftermath

Memorial Regional Hospital asks people only to come in if true emergency

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – There weren't any empty seats at the emergency room inside Memorial Regional Hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

This was due to the number of people seeking medical services after Hurricane Irma. 

The hospital has set up a triage area at the entrance of the emergency room.

Those without any major injuries are being sent to an urgent care center nearby.

"We're seeing a tremendous number of people coming through the front door," Dr. Randy Katz, director of emergency services, said. "It's mostly the most prone elderly patients who are prone to heat exhaustion, they need oxygen, dialysis patients in particular have been a big issue."

Katz said some nursing homes are without power so they’ve seen patients with high temperatures come through their building.

"Our biggest issue is the wellbeing of the staff," Katz said. "Most of our staff have homes and things at home they need to take care of so they're trying to take care of patients and at the same time try to take care of their families and their houses."

The hospital has a website set up, memorialdocnow.com, where people can be treated by a doctor online.

In addition, the hospital is asking people to only come in if they have a true emergency.