Civic Towers deemed unsafe after mold infestation found

Miami police to help residents go home, gather belongings

MIAMI – Hurricane Irma left residents of the Civic Towers in Miami without power or water.

The towers have been deemed unsafe by Miami officials, and on Wednesday residents were told to leave due to a mold infestation that was detected.

However, many tenants, who have been living in a parking lot for the past 10 days, are refusing to go back to a shelter.

Zulema Otero said all she has is a hospital gown and needs to pack her clothes.

The owner of the tower is offering renters temporary housing if they have registered with FEMA and have a FEMA ID number, according to the Miami Herald

City officials have said that residents who wish to enter their homes to gather their belongings are doing so at at their own risk.

The building's owner has asked residents to sign a waiver before they go inside to get their personal items. The waiver clears the owners of all liability from the tenant entering the building.

Those who go back inside will have to wear protective gear and will be escorted by police. 

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