Hundreds of cows rescued from flooded ranch in Okeechobee County

Some cows have died

OKEECHOBEE COUNTY, Fla. – Hundreds of cows are being rescued from a Florida ranch that became flooded after Hurricane Irma.

Some of the 500 cows at the Okeechobee County ranch have died.


The ranch became flooded when Irma caused a dike to break near the cow pasture.

"As the weeks have gone on since Irma, the water hasn't stopped rising," ranch owner Shane Alderman said. 

Members of the community came together on Friday with a strategic operation to get the cows to safety. 

"We had room on our ranch to help him out for a couple months," Deroy Arnold of Triple S Ranch said. 

Arnold said that the cows took a journey to his ranch that brought them two miles down a dirt road and then along U.S. Highway 68 for about three miles. 

"You know, we didn't charge him nothing," Arnold said. "It was just good neighbors."