Bryan Norcross joins Local 10 Weather Authority team as hurricane specialist

Famed meteorologist to team with Max Mayfield, Betty Davis

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Local 10 is pleased to welcome renowned meteorologist Bryan Norcross to South Florida's premier Weather Authority.

With almost 40 years of forecasting experience, Norcross joins forces with Max Mayfield, former director of the National Hurricane Center, to form a powerhouse tandem keeping residents informed, safe and secure when a storm threatens our area.

Led by chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis, the Local 10 Weather Authority team is unmatched when it comes to experience and expertise.

"I am thrilled to work with Betty and Max and the entire Local 10 team," said Norcross. "South Florida is where my home and heart have been for nearly 35 years. I'm honored to rejoin the best news team in my hometown."

Norcross, who began his Miami television career at Local 10 in 1983, returns to South Florida after serving as a hurricane specialist with The Weather Channel.

During his long and storied career, Norcross is best known for helping guide fearful residents through Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Since then, he has devoted his life to improving hurricane forecasting and educating residents of coastal communities about the importance of hurricane preparedness.

"There is no greater duty for a broadcaster and a meteorologist than to help people stay safe when a hurricane threatens," Norcross said. "It's an honor to work with Betty and Max to help provide the best hurricane coverage possible."

Even though the 2018 hurricane season is still months away, Norcross is already working with Mayfield and Davis to prepare for the station's upcoming coverage.

"There are two names that come to mind when people in South Florida think about hurricane expertise," added Medina. "One is Max Mayfield, the second is Bryan Norcross. To have them both, along with chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis, truly underscores why we are South Florida's
Weather Authority. We will spare no resources when it comes to preparing our viewers for approaching hurricanes. Our primary mission as a local broadcaster is to keep our viewers informed and safe."

"Bryan is, without question, one of the best when it comes to hurricane forecasting and 'messaging' for viewers during those critical times of landfalling systems," Davis added. "It doesn't get any better than having Bryan Norcross and Max Mayfield on your weather team -- experts many South Floridians already know. It really is a blessing!"