Tax free holiday for storm supplies begins Friday

Tax free holiday runs through June 7

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hurricane season begins Friday, as does the tax-free holiday for storm supplies, which runs through June 7.

Going into the 2018 hurricane season with a slightly above average number of hurricanes forecasted, South Floridians need to be ready and starting Friday it will be cheaper for you to prepare. 

The Florida tax holiday for hurricane supplies is estimated to save Florida families more than $4.5 million, but not all supplies are tax free. For instance, water and plywood are not on the list.

Tax-free qualifying items include portable self-powered radios, weather band radio, tarps, first aid kits and tie-down kits costing $50 or less.

Batteries (not auto or boat) are also on the list, as well as non-electric coolers or ice chests that cost $30 or less.

If you are going to buy a generator, the total purchase price of the portable generator has to be under $750 to be tax free. 

"We have actually two available models in the store that qualify. They are both priced at 599," Home Depot assistant manager Edmundo Jara said. 

Gas, diesel or propane containers costing $25 or less will also be tax free, as well as flashlights, candles or lanterns that are no more than $20, and reusable ice packs that are $10 or less. 

Jara said no special coupons are necessary at the register to make tax free purchases.

"Anything that qualifies will automatically be tax free," Jara said.

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