Water pumps brought in to fight king tide flooding in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

King tide season lasts through November

MIAMI – King tide season has arrived in South Florida, leaving some places underwater Monday morning. 

The city of Miami has a fleet of drones that will be used to get a better look at the flooding brought on by king tide. 

The drones have preset coordinates that allow crews to get an aerial look at areas prone to flooding. Each flight lasts several minutes, and the video makes it easier for crews to spot a problem area. 

High tide Monday morning made a mess of Northeast 10th Avenue and 79th Street in Miami. 

Ahead of it, the city brought out a water pump to flush some of the flooding out onto the bay. 

Sky 10 was also over some flooding Monday morning in Fort Lauderdale. 

Parts of Mola Avenue and East Las Olas Boulevard were underwater as king tide moved in. 

The city is also using water pumps to dry places out. 

High tide will be back in around 9:30 p.m., and this first go-around of king tide will last through Thursday. 

After this week, king tide is forecast twice in October and the first week of November.