Small window of opportunity exists for disturbance in Atlantic to organize


MIAMI – The main area of interest in the tropics Thursday is a small disturbance the National Hurricane Center has designated Invest 97L, which is located about 800 miles east of the Caribbean islands.  

There appears to be a small window of opportunity for the system to organize over the Atlantic before the atmospheric conditions become hostile over the Caribbean.  

Invest 97 bears watching, but the chances of it becoming a significant threat appear low.

Elsewhere, the system that is a combination of an autumn cold front and the remnants of Florence is moving away from the U.S. It appears that a low-pressure system will form from the tail end of that disturbance. That low is forecast to get stranded over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a few days and might meander there long enough to eventually become tropical enough to get a name, which would be Kirk.  

It does not appear that the system, whether it gets named or not, would be a threat anywhere in North America this week, and likely not at all.

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