Dump trucks full of sand arrive in Hollywood to restore shore

Broward County beaches heavily eroded by Hurricane Irma

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The process is underway to replenish Broward County beaches. It's part of a beach replenishment project to restore the shore following Hurricane Irma. 

Dump trucks full of sand arrived in Hollywood Thursday morning in an effort to remedy the severe beach erosion from Irma in 2017.

Portions of Dania and Hallandale beaches were also heavily eroded by the storm.  

The $7.9 million beach replenishment project was paid for with federal funds. It took about a month to bring in more than 120,000 cubic yards of sand, which is enough to cover about 19 football fields 3 feet deep. 

Project planners hope the sand will strengthen the economy in the area by beautifying the beaches and also help out sea turtle nesting season. 

The unloading of the sand is just one phase of the project. The next phase would add 1 million cubic yards. That part will take a lot more time to go through the approval and permit process, and cost a lot more money. 

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