The heat is here to stay in South Florida

Many records met or broken this week


MIAMI – It has been miserably hot over the past several days, with many record highs having been met or broken.

Miami’s high temperatures have been above normal since last Tuesday, but the worst of the heat wave began last Friday as our afternoons have been in the middle to upper 90s each day since.

The past three days have met or broken the records. 

These aren’t just any records, either.


Monday hit 98. That is tied with the second hottest temperature ever recorded for Miami. The only time a hotter temperature was recorded was in 1942, and that measurement is a little suspicious.

We don’t get that hot very often (only 10 times before Monday). Tuesday followed up with a blistering high of 97.

Why is it so hot? 

First is the lack of rain and clouds with the current weather pattern. Dry air and high pressure have kept the shade of the clouds and cooling rain at bay. This allows the June sunshine to bake us at full blast.

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Remember, the most direct and intense sunshine of the year occurs on the summer solstice, which was just last Friday. This is some of the most potent sunshine of the year.

Finally, our winds have been out of the west or southwest. This is a drier flow than our typical easterly flow off the Atlantic. Drier air heats up more quickly. Add it up and it’s a recipe for extreme heat.

Wednesday will once more flirt with record heat, where a high of 95 would tie the reigning champ. By Thursday, our pattern will see a subtle switch, so temperatures will ease a bit. We will be back to “normal” by Friday (which is still 90).

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