Video from Caribbean islands shows Dorian bringing heavy rain, strong winds

Hurricane Dorian gaining strength as it moves through Caribbean

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Impact from Hurricane Dorian is being felt in several island nations as it continues to move toward South Florida. 

The strengthening storm began to hit the U.S. Virgin Islands and is nearing the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Wind gusts in the Virgin Islands have already exceeded 90 mph. 

Footage from St. Thomas early Wednesday afternoon showed strong winds and heavy rain as the storm moved through. 

Residents of St. Thomas were hunkered down as Dorian passed. Between 4 and 6 inches of rain are expected to fall as a result of the storm. 

One video showed water damage sustained inside a St. Martin home due to the rainfall from Dorian. 

Gray skies and wet winds were a constant throughout the day in St. Martin. 

Meanwhile, a steady rain was falling in St. Croix but boats remained out on the water. 

On Tuesday, Dorian moved through Martinique. 

It hit as a tropical storm but flooded streets and left many cars stranded. 


Dorian passed through Barbados earlier this week. Footage showed long lines as residents waited to fill their tanks with gas ahead of the storm. 

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